History of Franck Muller watches

Franck Muller watches

There are many types of Franck Muller Watches all over the world. It is famed among the watch lovers with its imposing features, ornamental designs, high manufacturing standards and the guaranteed performance for many years. While speaking about the Franck Muller Watches History, we can see that it has only less than twenty years history behind it.

History of Franck Muller watches

Franck Muller founded his dream watch company only in 1991. From the time of its inception it was clear that this brand is going to turn all cons in the watch market to pros and has been in the market as a market puller and leader. The enormous success of this brand in watch manufacturing is the real craftsmanship inherited from Franck Muller, who himself was a talented craftsman. Franck Muller has a fascination in watches and it is not a wonder as he hailed from Switzerland, his motherland and the land of World’s greatest watches.

History of Franck Muller

Long before Frank Muller Watch Company marketed the first wrist watch, the name Frank Muller as a person was known to the world of watch manufacturing. As a student at a watch college, he got the appreciation from watch specialists from all over the globe as praise worthy watch restorer. Frank Muller’s passions on watches led to many elegant and amazing designs. He believed that best design, perfect performance and eye catching appearance could only bring world class watches.

History of Franck Muller

It was in 1992 Frank Muller brought out his first wrist watch. Cintree Curvex collection from Frank Muller had become a run away success. It became sensation in the watch market. Stylish designs and attractive coloring schemes in Havana Models added to the Cintree Curvex collection in 1997. Havana models reminded inviting Havana cigars. In 1998, Frank Muller Company introduced the world’s thinnest tourbillion overwriting the record set in 1945. 1998 was a year with many new watch models from Frank Muller. These new model included Conquistador collection including timepieces with stunning sports design of the dials. Also in 1998, Frank Muller Company brought out a truly unique wristwatch which is designed in a luxurious casket. This model is shaped as an egg and decorated with valuable beautiful diamonds. Caliber 99, bilateral chronograph with perpetual calendar with many elegant diamonds and minute repeater, was introduced in 1999. Cintree Curvex with big date indications, King Conquistador chronograph and the model Master Banker with 2 time zones are other watches came out from the company in 1999. If you think that Franck Muller is too much surrealistic for you, maybe try to wear more classic watch like Italian Panerai.

Franck Muller watches

Many new models came out during 2000/20001. Models with perpetual calendar with moon phase indication, wristwatch model with reversal indications, Cintree Curvex collection with many new designs, Big Ben watch model with GMT function and chronographs with several time zones and perpetual calendar are wonderful additions in the new millennium.

Franck Muller watches

Chronology after 2000 is outlined below:

  • 2000 - Long Island collection with elegant rectangular design. Master Banker model with a styled unique dial.
  • 2001 – The first watch model of Transamerica collection with tubby steel case and rounded ledge.
  • 2002 - Grande Date watch model, achronograph with two retrograde hands.
  • 2003 - Tourbillon Revolution 2 was marketed. Crazy Hours wristwatch model with “jerking” hour hand was another appreciated model in 2003.

History of Franck Muller watches

The last five years witnessed many mesmerizing models from this great watch company. State of the art designs, multi colored dials, amazing numbering systems, impeccable beauty, beautiful cases, impressive dials and general appealing appearance all made Franck Muller watches most worthy items in the watch market all over the world. The mechanical watches from this world renowned brand have been the market leader for the past two decades. These watches are made out of best quality gold of five colors. The Franck Muller watches are easily recognizable by its sheer look and performance.

The Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World

Filthy rich customers looking for marvelous mobile phones with all kinds of state of the art luxuries and facilities can now look up on Vertu, a division of Nokia to have the owner of the most expensive mobile phones in the world. Vertu has monopolized the market of super luxury most expensive mobile phones market. But now there are many world renowned brands bringing out luxurious mobile phones. These include GoldVish, Gresso and Mobiado. Motorola, Modelabs, Tag Heuer, LG, Prada and D&G are other brands trying to give a competition in the range of premium mobile phones.

Le Million from GoldVish

Le Million from GoldVish

Le Million from GoldVish, costing a million US dollar, stands as the most expensive mobile phone in the world as per the Guinness book of World Records. This mobile phone grabbed the headlines and may not see many (really at least one!) customers to enjoy the grandeur luxury of a million dollar. The “Le million” is adorned with VVS-I grade diamonds of 120 carats. This is really special and top most luxurious.

Vertu Signature Cobra

vertu signature cobra

Vertu Signature Cobra comes with about one third of a million, about $310,000 (£167,567). Signature Cobra is designed by the top class French jeweler Boucheron. As per the Vertu, there will be only 8 such mobile phones in the markets. So if you really want to own one, you should be quick in grabbing it. The Vertu Signature Cobra is adorned with one marvelous pear-cut diamond, 439 rubies, two emerald eyes and one round white diamond. This inviting expensive mobile phone is worth for its cost. Cheaper version of the Cobra costing at $115,000 (£62,162) is free of rubies.

Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

black diamond sony ericsson

Sony Ericsson Black Diamond costing $300,000 (£162,162) is the third top expensive mobile phones in the market. This expensive phone comes with Quad-band with Wi-Fi, a touch sensitive 2″ screen and an Intel 400Mhz processor running windows mobile 5. An internal memory of 128mb and a 2Gb SD card for external storage are prime features of this brand. It also has a worthy 4 Megapixel camera. It is designed by Jaren Goh and is built using titane with polycarbonate, diamonds and mirror-finish cladding. Only the richest escorts in Dubai can afford to buy such phone.

Vertu Signature Diamond

vertu diamond phone

Vertu Signature Diamond costing approximately $88,000 (£47,567) is the top class high end mobile phones which are affordable for the richer class looking for lucrative luxury and utility features. These handsets are encrusted by diamonds in the platinum body. There will be only 200 such mobile phones from Vertu.

Motorola V220 Special Edition

motorola v2

Motorola V220 Special Edition is less costly compared to Vertu signature. Its price is fixed at £28,000 ($51,800). This handset is designed by Austrian designer Peter Aloisson. The Motorola handset has a keyboard with 18 carat gold and is studded it with 1,200 diamonds.

The History of Zenith

zenith logo

The history of Zenith, the world renowned watch manufactures, started 1865. Zenith was born as the product of the great vision of Georges Favre-Jacot, at his age of 22. His grandeur concept of bringing all the artisan watchmakers in an umbrella paid rich benefits in improving quality control, bringing new cutting edge technologies and making world class design and manufacturing times.

Zenith watch company has been in the forefront of bringing new deigns and has won more than 1500 industry wards during its long productive journey from 1865 to till date. It has manufactured over 50 calibers. Legendary “El Primero” chronograph movement in 1969 had set many standards for the mechanical excellence in chronographs. It was a precise chronograph and was acclaimed as the first chronograph caliber with integrated automatic winding. The Zenith El Primero can measure up to 1/10 of a second.

Zenith was taken over by the luxury giant L.V.M.H. group (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) in 1999. Zenith’s popularity has been riding high with the introduction of some stunning and precise time new watches. The Zenith Chronomaster, combining a classic and sober case design, is one of the inviting chronographs. It has a whole range of dials and materials starting from a very traditional stainless steel to a most modern titanium and carbon fiber concept watch.

The Zenith Class is perfect for businessman who like compact watches with subtle luxury and discreet elegance. Port-Royal from Zenith comes with an impressive modern casing for the popular “El Primero” movement. It has won the appreciaition of the active, urban man. Port-Royal is available in a various cases, say gold, titanium or steel cases. It has straps with leather, rubber, kevlar or carbon fiber bands.

A historical time line of the Zenith watches is as follows.

In 1865, George Favre-Jacot, a renowned clock maker, started to work for himself in Locle. In 1875, reasonably priced, precise fob watches were produced by George Favre-Jacot. During this time his company employed one-third of the workers of Locle. The turning point and the appreciation had come in 1896 when the manufacturer won Gold Medal at the Swiss National Exhibition. In 1903, the praise worthy first prize in the Neuchâtel Observatory competition for chronometers was received.

The birth of Zenith was in 1911, when George Favre-Jacot retired and left the flourishing business to his descendants, under the brand name of Zenith. George Favre-Jacot died in 1917. The first wrist watch models came out from Zenith in 1920. Then it is history. The success of Zenith was astonishing. In 1954, Zenith won the Neuchâtel Observatory prize for wristwatch chronometers. The most valuable addition came in 1960 when Zenith took over Martel Watch Co. 1960 saw the Universels caliber 749 and 285 becoming the Zenith 146 family.

The birth of the El Primero happened in 1969. This had been acclaimed as the first chronograph with a winding crown with central rotor. In 1969 Zenith became a part and parcel of the world renowned Mondia-Zenith-Movado holding company. 1970 is marked by the birth of the Cronometro Tipo CP2 aviation chronographs. These aviation chronographs manufactured for A. Cairelli in Rome contain anti-magnetic case and 60-minute rotating lunette.

zenith radio transistors

The American Zenith Radio Corporation had taken over a majority stake in the Mondia-Zenith-Movado group in 1971. In 1978, the company was returned to the Swiss investors, with DIXI, the financial and mechanical constructions group.In 1984 Movado was taken over by North American Watch Co. From this time onwards the name Zenith was displayed marvelously on the watch dials. The latest taken over of Zenith was in 2000 by L.V.M.H group. If you’re bored with watches you can always try to look for brand handbags. But they can be expensive. If you interested in Replica Handbags they can be a fantastic gift for your wife. Those bags are much cheaper with the quality of original.

History of Rolex Watches

Rolex logo image

All of us know the versatile features of the Rolex watches. All of us know the value of the Rolex watches as well. It is ideal for us to know the history of Rolex Watches also to appreciate the hard work and the brilliance behind the grandeur successes of Rolex watches.

historic rolex advert banner

The history of Rolex Watches dates back to 1905, when Hans Wilsdorf established a watch manufacturing company in London. It was in 1908 he coined the name Rolex for the company Wilsdorf & Davies based in London. This company had become one of the best leading watch manufacturing companies in the world by 1908, by which time the Rolex name was coined.

historic rolex watch

Rolex received the Official Chronometer Certification in 1910 from the “Bureau Officiel” in Switzerland. This certification was the first in history as it was the first time the certificate was given to a wristwatch. The growth of the Rolex Company has been amazing with many accolades awarded to this watch. The accolades received by the company include Class A Precision in 1914 from the Kew Observatory.

historic rolex calibre

The first waterproof wrist watch Rolex Oyster had come out from the Rolex in 1926 and Rolex got the patent for it. The water proof feature was proved in real sense in 1927 when the swimmer Mercedes Gleitze worn the watch during his successful bid to swim across the English Channel. This incident had been written in history as the Rolex Oyster got the much needed advertisement and appreciation. During 1931 the Perpetual Rotor, a techno savvy mechanism founded the basics of self-winding movements, was created. With this technology Rolex released three versions in three consecutive years. In 1954, the first Oyster Perpetual Ladydate, in 1955 the GMT Master with dual time zone function and in 1956 the first Day-Date are these three versions. All these instances were created ripples in Watch Industry.

rolex historic daytona oyster perpetural

After the death of the founder Hans Wildorf in 1960, Andre Heiniger took over the management of Rolex Company. Rolex continued its unstinted efforts for innovation and invention in the watch technology. The technical brilliance and amazing styles were improved. The Sea-dweller (1967, a perfect dive watch), the Explorer II (1978) and Cosmograph Daytona (1988) were all got huge market shares. Rolex continued to be one of the greatest brands in Watch industry.

historic oyster perpetural rolex

Few other important events in the History of Rolex Watches are invention of The Oyster Datejust (first watch to display the date automatically) in 1945, the introduction of the Submariner – the diving watch of reference in 1953, the watch Oyster Sea-Dweller with waterproof to a depth of 610 m in 1967 and the Yacht-Master in 1992. Rolex submariner celebrated in fiftieth year Anniversary in 2004.The market leading of Rolex Watches continues with many models in the show rooms.

rolex present history

The present models available in the market include Oysterquartz, Submariner, Oyster Perpetual Air King, Lady Datejust Pearlmaster,.Explorer, Explorer II, Date, Datejust, Day-Date, Sea-Dweller 4000, Lady Datejust, Yacht-Master, Cosmoograph Daytona, Lady Oyster Perpetual, Lady-Date and GMT Master II.

Cartier Watch History

logo cartier history

Though Louis Cartier, who lived from 1875 to 1942, popularized the wristwatch over the traditional pocket watch, he did not actually make the first wristwatch. Patek Phillipe created the first wristwatch in 1868, before Cartier was even born. But Cartier was passionate about the workings of mechanical watches and wanted very much to have his own line of elegant watches.In 1904, Cartier’s friend Alberto Santos-Dumont requested a watch that could be easily used during flights, and Cartier developed the Santos wristwatch - the first wristwatch made for men.

louis francois cartier - history

Over several generations of Cartier family history, Louis Francois, his son Alfred Cartier, and his three grandsons Pierre, Jacque, and Louis Francois (II) helped the watch business to expand, eventually making Cartier into the best-known name worldwide in jewelry and watchmaking. In 1899 the family moved their Parisian store to the Rue de la Paix - an elegant, upscale location. Stores were opened in London, Moscow, and New York in the years following. By 1912, Cartier introduced the Baignoire and Tortue, and 1917 the Tank watch debuted. At this time the company began stamping a four-digit code on the underside of the lug, and to this day, many collectors won’t accept a Cartier watch without these original numbers.

cartier 5 avenue historical building

By the mid 20th century Louis Cartier had died, and his brother Pierre became president of Cartier International. Still a phenomenally successful business, today’s Cartier watches use movements from Swiss watchmaking companies like Le Coultre, Movado, and Audemars Piguet. Cartier jewelry continues to be worn by the wealthy, royalty, and others who insist on having the best watches made.

cartier history

Tag Heuer History

Edouard Heuer founded his watch shop in Saint-Imier, Switzerland in 1860. In 1864 business has flourished, and Edouard Heuer moved his shop to the Bienne. Five years later, in 1869 Edouard Heuer had made a patent for a winder watch with autonomous screwing down-crown. In 1880 Heuer was the world first watchmaker that created a into mass production of chronographs and watches. 12 years later Edouard Heuer dies leaving a huge fortune nad two sons.  Jules and Charles, the Heuer’s sons were leading family business. ten years later they created a doctor’s chronograph with a scale for measuring pulse rate. in 1911 the firm put its first car chronograph on the market. Now the company was a pure success. 19 years later Heuer patented first water resistant watch case and launched the world-famous Monza line. During the world war 2 tag heuer was producing military chronographs for the army. After the war Heuer launch the first Carrera chronograph.

In 1963 Heuer released the Carrera collection of chronographs. A year later, On January 1st 1964, Heuer’s and the Leonidas Watch Factory, Saint-Imier, merged to create the new company called Heuer-Leonidas. Their first design was the very first chronograph with newness ring date indicator and first automatic micro-rotor chronograph. Five years later Heuer-Leonidas launched the first square, water resistant chronograph, presented by the actor Steve MacQueen in the film LE MANS in 1970. In 1975 the company released La Chronosplit was the first quartz wristwatch that featured double digital display - LED and LCD. In 1983 HEUER shows to the world the first quartz chronograph with analog time display and digital memory for intervals of time measured. A same TAG-Heuer was established in 1985 when TAG (Techniques d’Avant Garde), manufacturers of high precision chronographs for Formula 1 cars acquired Heuer, which was already a renowned watchmaker specializing in racing chronographs. Together they became a big name in Swiss watches. In 1996 TAG-HEUER was appeared on the stock market. two years later 1998 Tag-Heuer launched a production of brand new version of the the famous MONACO. On September 13, 1999 the Tag Heuer was sold again - the Tag-Heuer’s CEO accepted a bid from LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton S.A. of 1.15 billion francs ($739 million) contingent upon a transfer of 50.1% of stocks.

MontBlanc History

MontBlanc History

Early begginings

In early 1906 Claus-Johannes Voss who was the stationer, together with the banker Alfred Nehemias and the engineer August Eberstein established a company that understood te needs of modern world, it was the beggining of the 20th century. Using their incredible sense of ingenuity and remarkable imagination they created the fountain pen. It was the technical and commercial breakthrough in the writing instrument’s market. These genrlemans started to produce fountain pens, placing the cornerstones for the future. Internationally successful company Montblanc was one of the first “Joint Venture” company.

MontBlanc History and tradition

In the year 1913 the Montblanc star is born with new logo. Since that wonderful times, Montblanc labeled products was wearing the unmistakable well known rounded star that represents the snow-covered peak of the highest European mountain - Mont Blanc. It represents the brand’s confation to the incredible quality and perfect European craftsmanship, the watchmeking art. 1924 Mont Blanc released the legendary Meisterstück and the beginning of its successful career as the world’s most famous writing instrument. Till now the Mont Blanc pens are the most endowed in the world.

MontBlanc History pen

Recent History

After World War II Mont Blanc has stood up on their knees. During war producing measurmants for army. In 1988 Montblanc has Integrated with the group Richemont. In 1997 Montblanc is taking great attention and is getting famous. All top international jewellers were amazed when Montblanc was present on the SIHH watch fair in Geneva for the very first time. In the year 2003 Montblanc launches the TimeWalker watch collection for cosmopolitan people. Timewalker symbolizes people who are dynamic and have a love for pure, simple but luxorious design. In 2006 the Montblanc company celebrates its 100th birthday and for this fantastic occasion designes a beautifuly crafted diamond with 43 facets, which was cut to the form of the Montblanc signet. For this glorious 100th Anniversary Montblanc releases the remerkable Star Chrono GMT Perpetual Calendar watch, which is finally touched with the real Montblanc Diamond in the crown. In 2007 Montblanc and the , founded in 1858, Swiss Watch Brand Minerva are joining their forces to build the “Institut Minerva de Recherche en Haute Horlogerie”. The laboratory than works with new solutions in watchmaking technology. In April 2008 the Montblanc introduces the calibers MB R100 and MB R200 in Star Nicolas Rieussec chronograph, which was a grat success.

MontBlanc History caliber

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet logo

Since the beginning of the company in 1875, Audemars Piguet was one of the best watchmaker. His its early development of the 8-minute repeater was a success. At the end of the century, Audemars Piguet watches were well known for their design, quality materials from which were produced and very flat mechanism. In 1899, the company made a success on the Universal Exhibition in Paris with their pocket watches “Grande Complication Savonette”.

Audemars Piguet portrait

In 1911, Audemars Piguet was the first jewelery watch that was decorated with diamonds. Continue to the technology, in 1946, Audemars Piguet created the watch that was the flatest timepiece in the world - with the mechanism of 1.64 mm. Watch manufacturers have started do create the automatic flatest timepiece with a 21-carat gold rotor. Than AP designed the The Royal Oak - these watches became a symbol of a watchmaking traditions, it’s production was launched in 1970. Inspired by the royal tradition of the sea, the unique design of watches is a great combination of strength and elegance. Accordingly AP launched the Triple Complication, that has got 12 different functions and an eternal calendar. Watches are placed in the case of 8.55 mm flat. The automatic mechanism with 52 stones and a 18-carat gold rotor are performed manually.

Audemars Piguet history watch

Royal Oak was created in 1972 by Gerald Genta, which was well-known watchmaker which has been using his skills to create masterpieces for many other premium brands such as Patek Philippe, Omega, and IWC. The Royal Oak has been a surprise success, filling niche as a sports watch luxury. The Royal Oak got its name from three of the British warships in the Royal Navy that sailed between 1802 and 1939. Since then in 2004 Juan Pablo Montoya was honored with a limited edition piece with a quarter in 2006 Rueben Barrichello also got the honor to wear this limited collection. Recently, several other limited edtion pieces were created in honor of the opening of the boutique stores around the world, such as the Royal Oak Offshore Rue St-Honoré Limited Edition 100 series. Editing Paris is a beautiful watch on a crocodile strap with white Hornback red, white and blue seams and stainless steel AP folding clasp. Royal Oak Offshore Ginza Limited Edition 200 was created to celebrate the opening of the Boutique AP in the district of Ginza in Tokyo, Japan.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

History of Breitling

Breitling logo

The Breitling story begins in 1884 when 24 year old Leon Breitling has founded the company in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. He wanted to produce high-quality technical watches. As his business expanded, the Breitling moved the factory to the Swiss town of La-Chaux-de-Fonds. He began specializing in high quality timing instruments.

breitling pilot commercial

After World War I, Breitling began producing chronographs and chronometers strictly for airplanes, they were a pioneer in aviation business. In 1915 Breitling invented their first wristwatch chronograph and make several significant developments to this design. In 1923, Breitling was the first watch manufacturer that create a chronograph, with enabling the start and return to zero function, which was also performed by the winding crown. After that in 1934 Breitling added a second timepiece to the chronograph featuring a cumulative time recording. This invention made the Breitling watch a favorite among pilots.

first navitimer

Over the years, Breitling released a plenty of classic watches. In 1942 Breitling launched the Chronomat, the first chronograph to be fitted with a circular slide rule calculation. In 1952, the Navitimer was released, a first wristwatch that was equipped with a “navigation computer” that allowed pilots to calculate flight plans. This watch has become a very popular among pilots over the world. In 1962, the Cosmonaute model was launched with was 24 hour chronograph. This watch was worn by American Scott Carpenter when he flew on the second orbital flight inside the Aurora 7. In 1969, Breitling was part of a consortium of watch manufacturers that developed the first automatic chronograph, a major break by time.Today to the Breitling is one of the leaders of the Swiss watch industry for product development which continues to launch new models of high precision.

IWC - International Watch Co.

IWC - International Watch Co. logo image

IWC - International Watch Co. was founded in 1868 by Florentine Jones, 27 year old American master watchmaker from Boston. The IWC Watch Company was established at Schaffhausen in Switzerland. Along the Rhine Jones hopes to benefit from the newly built hydro-electric facilities necessary to carry the production. Jones was fascinated by the idea of the unification of America with expertise in the automation of the legendary Swiss precision. He wasted no time installing the machine tools for the most part imported from the United States straight to the Schaffhausen.

IWC - International Watch Co. image

First Jones’ caliber, was the very first movement manufactured by IWC contained a wealth of advanced features. Including elongated index to regulate the balance hairspring and a bimetallic cut balance to compensate for temperature fluctuations.

IWC - International Watch Co. picture

From 1895 to 1900 IWC saw major sales increases all around. In Germany, the company saw an increase from 553,500 to 805,000 francs. Russia went from a measly 29,400 to an incredible 182,300 francs. These remarkable sales increases were due largely to the acumen of the company’s management as well as the incredible staff of employees. Jones’ master plan was to export its Swiss made watches in the United States. But he was stopped by extremely high import tariffs on finished watches. The general history of the state of the IWC for many decades, continues to be agitated as he went from one crisis to another and it was not until 1978, when the IWC was taken by VDO, which in turn was acquired by the giant multi-national group Mannesman, the CBI has been on solid financial ground in a position to move forward and able to compete with its own French-Swiss competitors in the western region.

IWC - International Watch Co. photo

After years of fine and even remarkable service and highest level of craftsmanship, the company celebrated its 125th anniversary in style with 300 employees. And in the spirit of the celebration there were 1000 Portuguese watches with the 982 calibre pocket watch movements made in stainless steel, 500 in gold, and 250 in platinum. Today the company continues the production of innovative watches and remarkable craftmanship. In 2001, IWC made a the watch collectors forum. This was the first brand in question forum for enthusiasts of haute horlogerie. Unfortunately, the company also saw the death of Gunter Blumlein in 2001, was the chief of the CBI of Swiss watchmaking after crisis if the 1970s. Despite this, the company has never been stronger and continues to the excellence of its watches in the development through an incredible team.

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